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Reaction to a ZDNet article complaining that ASCII protocols take up more space than binary. [David Reed, 2002-01-09]
By recognizing the need to separate connectivity from applications we have the opportunity to unleash the power of the marketplace that has served so very well in computing and in the Internet. [Bob Frankston, 2002-01-29]
ICANN seems to be unwilling to appreciate how well the Internet has acted as a marketplace and is trying to fix what is not broken rather than providing simple and boring services. By confusing stable handles with commercial identifiers ICANN helps assure that the Internet cannot be stable since the handles all expire and, worse, can be reused. [Bob Frankston, 2002-02-26]
The simple architecture that gave us an environment so hospitable to innovation and growth is missing. Here are some steps to bring it back. [Bob Frankston, 2002-03-13]

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