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Thursday, May 02, 2002

BobF at 11:51 AM [url]:

Connectivity 2002! May 21st to 23rd

Come join us at the Connectivity 2002 Conference! Maybe better to call it a workshop since it is an opportunity to participate and meet others working on these issues. The conference is being organized by Jeff Pulver who led the way with his VON (Voice on the Net) conferences that took the lead in the shift from traditional communications to IP based telephony. Dan Berninger has taken the lead in organizing Connectivity 2002 and I�m honored to be a featured participant.

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

DPR at 9:20 AM [url]:

Will the US government protect our freedom to speak?

The lawsuit by Deutsche Bahn against Google, Yahoo, and Altavista got me thinking.

In the US we have free speech rights as citizens that most countries do not. Merely by blogging or posting a web page, we can speak on nearly any topic. This speech is visible on a world stage, yet we do it from the privacy of our own home.

Yet foreign companies and governments feel perfectly comfortable in threatening suits and criminal actions against those who speak on websites. Even our own government enjoys reaching out to prosecute acts committed in foreign countries via the 'net - Sklyarov comes to mind.

Why shouldn't we US Citizens demand that our government protect our right to free speech from these foreign incursions? Where is the Department of Defense on this? Where is the Department of State? Why can't the most powerful nation on earth protect one of the fundamental rights of its citizens?

Why isn't some US Senator (perhaps "Citizen Soldier" Kerry) writing a bill to protect our First Amendment rights against foreign governments and companies who seek to interfere with them?

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