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Friday, January 24, 2003

DanB at 2:40 PM [url]:

SMBmeta, spam, and the old meta tags

I've added an essay to the TrellixTech.com web site that discusses spamming search engines. The purpose is to show how my SMBmeta proposal is different than the old "keywords" meta tag. It is in response to questions in the press and elsewhere. The discussion about different types of search engine spam may be of interest to some readers, too.

See SMBmeta and Spam.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

BobF at 11:02 PM [url]:

Prior Restraint: Censorship as the Legacy of Spectrum Policy

Early radio receivers took advantage of the technologies available and assigned each transmitter a unique frequency. It is a very inefficient approach and required a complex regulatory system to keep all the signals sorted out. Since World War II we've had the ability to use signaling approaches that are far more effective and do not need this regulatory regimen. Yet we still cling to spectrum allocation and the censorship inherent in the onerous regulatory system.

For more see the full essay.

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