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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

DanB at 1:39 PM [url]:

How will the artists get paid?

There is a lot of controversy about digital media, copy protection, fair use, and internetworking. In most cases from the viewpoint of legislators trying to react to lobbyists, as I understand it, it boils down to one question: How will the artists get paid? My answer is simple: The same way artists have always gotten paid. I wrote an essay to examine that issue to see how it applies to today's world. See "How will the artists get paid?".

The bottom line? "Throughout history there have been a variety of ways that artists have gotten paid so they can create their work: Through an ecosystem which looks to a mixture of amateur, performance, patronage, and commission forms of payment... Listening to representatives from the recording and movie industries, you would think that selling fixed artifacts is the only way that artists can get paid. That has never been the case, and should not be in the future or else society and art itself will suffer. Those publishing businesses may be based on that one form of payment, but the artists' livelihood need not."

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