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Thursday, May 22, 2003

DanB at 6:40 PM [url]:

SMBmeta takes another step with new sample applications

For those of you following the SMBmeta Initiative, here's news: I've released some sample applications to take advantage of the data. They include a simple small business directory on www.overall.com. The directory is driven by data in smbmeta.xml files registered on www.smbmeta.org. The Perl code to implement the entire system (creating SMBmeta data files, registering them, indexing them, reporting problem ones, etc.) is available in an open license form from SMBmeta.org.

With this release, along with a pretty complete SMBmeta file format specification that's been around for a while, it's time for owners of small business websites to start adding smbmeta.xml files. You can use the tools on the SMBmeta.org website to create and register them. Developers that would like to participate by creating either tools or services now have some working prototypes to start from (there is even a page on the SMBmeta.org website ready to point to their work).

Jamie Lewis of the Burton Group has written an essay discussing SMBmeta and "loosely coupled systems".

For more information, read the weblog entry on TrellixTech.com.

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