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Thursday, September 25, 2003

DanB at 4:46 PM [url]:

Getting your story in your words in the paper using the Web

In today's New York Times, including the print edition, they gave the full URL of a statement by the JetBlue CEO:

"In a statement to customers on Tuesday night on its Internet site, www.jetblue.com/learnmore /privacypolicy.html, the chief executive, David Neeleman, apologized again for the release of the information and said, 'Although I had no knowledge of this data transfer at the time it was made, I accept full responsibility for this action by our company.'"

(NYTimes 25Sep03, Page C4. Online here, JetBlue page here.)

It seems the only direct statement was online, so they gave a link. I think this type of practice is great: Let the reader see the source material and let the source material speak directly to the reader.

The same article gives a URL for the ACLU sub-site relating to the topic which leads you to a page to request information from the government about what JetBlue may have given them about you.

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