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Monday, June 06, 2005

DanB at 7:45 PM [url]:

New Open Cellphone podcast

I've started a new podcast for DiamondCluster International (a consulting firm that David and I are "Fellows" of). The topic of the series is the Open Cellphone. That is, a cellphone where the technology (the software, ports, etc.) are open and common and not controlled and dictated by the carriers. The idea for us doing a series of podcasts on this topic started when DiamondCluster vice-chairman John Sviokla was quoted in the Wall Street Journal on May 23rd describing it and its virtues. John and I had been talking about starting a podcast and this struck me as the perfect topic. He agreed.

This first show consists of John, David Reed (who also posts here on SATN.org), and me talking about the need for an Open Cellphone, the benefits, financial theory behind its value, and what should be in future podcasts. It's 35 minutes long. Through DiamondCluster and their work with telecom providers and manufacturers we should have access to an interesting array of future people to talk with. The style will start out as a few of us talking on a conference call. (I use the Gillmor Gang as my model here to start, and my hat's off to Doug Kaye of ITConversations, Steve Gillmor, and the other regulars on that show for the inspiration.)

To listen to the podcast, go to the main podcast page, podcast.diamondcluster.com, to find links to the List of Shows page and the RSS feed. If you've never listened to a podcast before, you can start by just finding the link to the MP3 file and clicking on it to download temporarily and play with your personal computer's music playing software or right-click and save the file for playing later either on the computer or copied to an MP3 player or burnt on a CD.

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